Alexander & James is available in trusted retailers. We have Galleries, like a store in store, where you can fully immerse yourself in the full A&J lifestyle experience.

get the look

In-store style consultants can help you get the interior looks you crave and are expert at combining styles and finishes to give your home a unique flavour. Enjoy browsing in these spacious environments where there’s plenty of room to breathe.

NEW 2023


Our new collection embodies the feeling of modernity and calm – from the retro stylings of Duffy and Mayfield to the more contemporary Stella Corner – we’re bringing a softer sense of belonging to the home, for the ultimate in restoration and relaxation.



Our new leather, Kodak is supple and smooth, while the enhanced patina brings the natural characteristics of the leather to life.

The Clove leather is a warm toffee colour which brings an effortless and classic feel to any space, the natural tones of this nutty hue offer a timeless sophistication.


We’ve updated our care instructions to add much more information in order to look after our furniture and to ensure it stays it best for as long as possible.

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