looking after your sofa

After purchasing your new piece of furniture, you will want to keep it looking and sitting its best as it becomes a part of your everyday home life. A little care and maintenance will go a long way to improving the life and longevity of your furniture so you can enjoy it for years to come.

All our furniture is handmade, so slight differences from piece to piece is to be expected, this is an inherent part of the beauty and human aspect of hand finishing.

Below you will find some helpful advice and recommendations to ensure your furniture looks great for as long as possible.

general advice

Avoid contact with direct sunlight as it will cause the leather and fabric to fade and discolour over time. All finishes will fade over time, but excess exposure to sunlight will quicken this process. South facing rooms have the most sunlight exposure.

To avoid an accumulation of dust, brush fabrics and leathers down lightly with a lint free cloth weekly.

Regular vacuuming your sofa to draw out all the loose dust and dirt from both under and above the cushions. Use a soft brush attachment and gentle movements for this task to avoid scratching or marking the material.

In case of a spillage, immediately try to soak up as much liquid as possible with a kitchen roll or a clean cloth by blotting, to try to avoid a stain. Then use another clean, slightly damp cloth to gently dab at any marks, and then allow to air dry. 

Make sure your furniture sits on a level floor to avoid any rocking or potential damage to the frame.

Avoid sitting on the arms and backs of sofas and chairs as it will put pressure on the seams and fillings, and eventually deform and distort the furniture.

Beware of sharp objects like studs and belt buckles to avoid any potential damage such as snagging or scratching.

Try to avoid cosmetic products such as body lotion or sun cream coming into contact with your furniture.

Beware that allowing your pets on sofas and chairs is likely to cause premature wear and possible damage.

For fixed covers, we recommend that you get a professional cleaning company to clean your sofa, around every 12-18 months.

Our corner sofas are connected at the bottom by brackets, be careful to hook and unhook the brackets separately to any twisting of potential breakage. 

If you opt to try a stain removing product, carefully follow the product’s guidelines and make sure to test first on a hidden area to make sure it doesn’t fade or damage the furniture.

Remember to maintain the fullness, shape, and bounce of scatter pillows and bolsters by plumping, shaking, and turning every day.

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