Our Latest Shoot – Behind the Scenes!

A sneak peak into how we bring the story to life…

Upon completion of each new A&J collection, we set about bringing each piece to life through lifestyle shots with added sizzle. We’re sharing what goes on behind the scenes in the process!

The Planning

You’ll never find our Brand Director, Michelle, without a Sharpie Marker (fine tip!) within close reach. She can plan absolutely anything armed with just one marker and a sketchbook. With a vision in mind, she sets about telling the story through sketch and narrative, ensuring each element is in keeping with the look and feel of the collection.

Vision boards help to visualise the final set up, blending together texture, colour and layout

The Location…

It’s essential that our photography locations have the same feel as the collection itself, so the brief for The New Glamour Look location was strictly that – glamorous, and full of classic grandeur and grace. We had to ensure the feeling of luxury in collection was reflected in every aspect of the photography; metallic detailing, softly contrasting texture and a feeling of light and space were key.

The A&J HQ style industrial windows were a huge bonus – we felt at home here!

The Styling…

The styling of our shoots is key to making our photography sing. You’ll know from our recent London Fashion Week blog post that we love to stay up to date with the latest trends on the catwalk and much of our styling incorporates new fashion looks (you may have noticed we’ll never attend a shoot without a supply of handbags and shoes). This part of the shoot planning process is all in the talented hands of our Stylist, Julie. Julie’s styling prowess and experience as an artist combined with art direction from Michelle, means were able to stay ahead of the game creatively. Together they’re a dreamy duo – we like to call them the stylistics!

Julie manages to pull things together and make it all look effortless regardless of the huge work involved.
A wardrobe of accessories always travels alongside a host of gallery images and props to complement our sofa collections.

Not to Forget…

A huge abount of work goes into bringing each A&J collection to life. We couldn’t do it without our strong and enduring team of lifters, carriers and put together-ers, the logistic brainpower, an incredibly experienced photographer, and of course, our designers and makers who lovingly create each peace to ensure the ultimate style and comfort.

The Results…

See some of the final shots below, along with the vision boards which help to plan the look. If you follow us on Instagram and Facebook, you’ll have seen a lot of the final shots and some sneak peaks from behind the scenes already – make sure you’re following us if you’re not already! You can also browse through each piece in The New Glamour Look Collection here.

The New Glamour Look Collection will be available from selected A&J retailers from late May 2020. Use our stockist finder to discover exactly which stores will be selling each model.

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