About Our Leather

Love our natural leather

Leathers are always 100% natural and each hide is 100% unique. Every hide reflects the adventurous life of each cow! Bite marks from buzzy insects, scars from altercations with other wildlife, creases and wrinkles from a life well lived, all show in the leather itself.

Leather Qualities

Leather sofas are more of a splurge spend, a real luxury purchase.

Leather sofas exude quality but can be perceived as cooler on the sit. A&J have leathers that are more suede like in feel and touch and therefore offer this warmer appeal.

Leather sofas are perceived as being more durable and hard wearing due to their rugged good looks and so are great purchases for family living with a stylish look.

aurora – full aniline

A “must-have” for lovers of fine leather. This full grain hide is designed to retain all the individual characteristics of the highest quality leathers.

byron – semi aniline

A rustic Brazilian beauty. The natural grain is emphasised by our expert hand finishers for the ultimate in soft laid back luxe.

cal – full aniline

Lightly buffed and hand finished with a multi tonal effect.

indiana – semi aniline

This family friendly leather has greater lifestyle protection due to the tanning and treatment process. Naturally soft with a gentle texture and wears well.

jin – full aniline

A European favourite, soft to the touch and designed to age beautifully with every sit. Full grain and fully aniline.

satchel – semi aniline

Made from the best South American rawhides this waxed semi aniline natural leather is finished with dyes and a transparent top coat to enhance all the unique characteristics. Ages magnificently.

soul – full aniline

Natural, soft and buttery, this Brazilian hand finished leather is timeless and super luxurious. Available in a variety of shades, see each individual Collection for the colour spectrum.

tote – semi aniline

This fashionable handbag style leather is from the finest South American rawhides. Super soft and sensuous with a look and feel the improves gently with age. Brilliantly easy to maintain and keep in tip top shape.