Every Piece Handmade For You

Dreamed and developed at our UK Bridge Mills base camp, every collection is created with a bigger lifestyle picture in mind.

We look to what’s driving how you live, look and feel so we can make sure every collection is Instagram worthy and will ensure you keep up with everyone from the Jones’ to the Kardashians. Once our collections have been created, stood up, admired and sampled via the, ‘bottom test’, (in varying shapes and sizes…) they are briefed in full to our Production experts in our purpose built facility in Thailand. The team’s traditional hand crafting expertise, enables us to fill our designs with all the upholstery and unique details our customers love.

a nice eco story

Our sofa frames are made from Rubberwood and each tree lives a long and productive life, (26-30 years) supplying natural latex for the world’s rubber based, ‘boingy’ products. Alexander & James only use this durable timber when the tree tires of it’s latex production. That’s why our Rubberwood plantations are planet loving happy places to be! And, we love our frames so much we gave them a 10 year frame guarantee so you can love them for a long time too.


Beautiful inside and out our seat interiors feature a foam core for stability and support, which is encased in either a feather or fibre, ‘duvet’, or sometimes a combination of the two. Duck feathers are used for their natural curve which prevents them from lying flat.


We love buttons, be it a sofa covered in them or a chair that’s a cute as one, we are experts at hand tufting the most intricate and complex of designs. We use a, ‘True Buttoning’, technique and with needle and twine, each button is secured individually to the sofa frame to create that gorgeous plumped, nipped in appearance that’s been admired for centuries.


Our springs are Serpentine Zig Zag springs fixed together with silent wire for support.


Hand turned and hand carved solid wood legs are finished in weathered, glazes, dark wax finishes or new black lacquers and we offer some designs in a highly fashionable metallic gold finish.


Webbing is used on chairs, sofas and footstools and interwoven horizontally and vertically over the furniture to form a layer where the cushions can be placed. The webbing is designed to be flexible to provide comfort and durability. Back webbing has more stretch than seat webbing to give a softer feel.


These add a vintage flavour to designs and are skilfully and painstakingly hand applied by hammer, in three finishes, Antique, Gold and Silver.