Care Guide

Avoid any accumulation of dust by brushing fabrics and leathers down lightly with your hand or a lint free cloth on a weekly basis. On fabric sofas you can get the hoover out! A slightly warm damp cloth brushed over can revive the texture of a fabric sofa.

General Advice

Don’t let your sofa bathe in too much direct sunlight to limit fading.

Regular plumping of cushions helps to keep them full and bouncy.

Keep sharp objects away from your furniture, no heels!

Don’t make a habit of sitting on arms, they may go flat!

We wouldn’t recommend your pets take up residence on our sofas!

Best not to let your leather sofa sit too near a fireplace, this is a natural product and could dry out, much the same as your own skin!

And if there’s an accident?

Fabrics and leather: Lux soap flakes may be used with a damp cloth but make sure you test an unexposed area first to guard against colour loss! If in doubt, consult a specialist dry cleaner or a professional leather cleaning company!