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Fashion is now, style is forever

Our collections mix current trend with timeless style. Fashion forward thinking is layered onto an appreciation for period drama making vintage designs magnificently modern. The A&J look is synonymous with glamour, eclecticism and quintessential British style.

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Curated Collections

Our fabric stylists get the look, so you can relax and enjoy it!

Mix or match, complement or clash. The A&J fabric studio is a creative hub where our designers can experiment with new combinations of eclectic fabrics and leathers. Always led by creativity and trend and always layered with personality and individuality.

A wonderful world of colour and texture

You choose!

Selected leathers

Our leathers are 100% natural and hand selected from Brazilian and European herds.

Every hide is unique and reflects the adventurous life of each cow! Bite marks from buzzy insects, scars from altercations with other wildlife, creases and wrinkles from a life well lived, all show in the leather itself.

Handmade, only for you

Every sofa is developed in the UK, hand crafted and made to order from the finest materials.

Expertly hand turned legs and feet, hand tufted buttoning and intricate studding add detail and some of our collections feature 8 way hand tied springs which add comfort and luxury to seats. Feather and fibre blends ensure our sofas are insanely comfortable.

10 Year Frame Guarantee

The Rubberwood tree that made this sofa frame has lived a long and productive life (26-30 years) supplying latex for the world’s rubber based, ‘boingy’ products.

Alexander & James only use this durable timber when the tree tires of it’s latex production. That’s why our Rubberwood plantations are planet loving and happy places to be!